Thriving During Change

In Newsletter by Kim Richards

Charles Darwin said: "It's not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change."

Have you found this to be true? I certainly have! Sometimes life changes are meticulously planned and intentional. But some may sabotage your life, derail your career or break your heart.

Whether you are dealing with planned or unplanned change, there will always be a degree of adaptation and reorientation required in order for you to be resilient.

Susan C Young

Be extra gentle, compassionate and patient with yourself
Life is trying to guide you in the direction you need to be, teach you lessons and create opportunities to thrive. Allow it, even though it can be highly uncomfortable and confusing.
Be intentional with whom you spend time
This is not the time to overcommit, try to please everyone, or set impossible deadlines.
Set boundaries and allow some alone and idle time
We become exactly like who we hang out with - we become our environment. We take on the very nature of who we submit to and they cannot teach us anything that they don’t know.
Vincent Wambua Nzoka

Here’s wishing you gratitude for change, grace to accept the gifts and comfort during the certain uncertainty.