Rising Resilient with Extraordinary Self-Care

In Newsletter by Kim Richards

I love Fall! And I’m grateful that, over the past two months, I was able to experience Fall in several area of the country. From the pines of North Carolina, the glittering gold Aspen leaves of the Rocky Mountains, the cool evenings of Arizona, the gorgeous sunsets of the South Carolina beaches to the spectacular vineyard colors of Northern California. I delight in the signals of nature telling us there’s a change coming soon.

  • How about you?
  • Are you feeling the nudging signals of change?
  • Are you longing for a new direction full of possibilities, motivational mojo and a clearer pathway?
  • Maybe it’s time to shed old self-imposed labels or rumination of “shoulda, coulda, woulda” of the past…

Well friends, it ALL, absolutely ALL, starts with making yourself a priority in your own life and breaking free from the shackles of lack, of just getting by, of settling.

  • Do you “just know” there is something more for you but feel stuck and unable to figure out the what, how and where’s of the details?
  • Have you been putting the needs of everyone else ahead of yours and neglecting to fill your own bucket?
  • Has the turmoil and uncertainty of the past couple years finally caught up with you? Ready to push the re-set button?

Let me help you! Contact me for …

Virtual presentations to improve resiliency, self-care and caring for the caregiver
Virtual one-on-one personal coaching designed with your particular goals in mind

and my NEWEST offer…
Renewal retreat in the Caribbean on a luxury yacht with your personal captain, first mate and mermaid!

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Listen to my latest Podcast!

“Self-care is not selfish care,” so why is it so challenging to make time for ourselves? How do we build resilience, find inner peace, and stay balanced in such a fast-paced, ever-changing world? How do we help create a caring and supportive environment, particularly at work, for those in caring professions such as nurses?

Tune in to be inspired by quotes and analogies, touched by heart-warming personal stories of resilience, and gain insightful tips to help you build your resilience and take care of your holistic well-being.