Rising Resilient and Changing Your Story

In Newsletter by Kim Richards

“Never judge a person’s story by the chapter you find them in.”
~ Barbara Glanz

Greeting friends! It’s been a while… I’ve purposefully disconnected for a bit to focus on manifesting my own next chapter. And oh what a chapter our abundant universe revealed for me when I allowed myself to let go of the past and trust in endless possibilities!

My deep hope is that you are safe, healthy, finding meaning amidst our current environment and making self-compassion a part of your daily life. The above quote by my friend and inspirational mentor, Barbara Glanz, really resonated with me today, especially as I readied myself for my first coaching client of the day. I thought about the many and varied chapters of life we experience and how often, when feeling a sense of lack, we suffer and struggle to turn the page, thinking that the next chapter will be somehow be “better” or “make me happy” or “life will be easier”. How many times have we limited our possibilities, opportunities and lifestyle, opting to fuel the fires of the same old thoughts, patterns, burdens and injustices that bind us to the past chapters?

Perhaps the most positive thing that has emerged from the pandemic is that we’ve been forced to slow down, adjust our lives in different ways and evaluate our future.

  • Are you living a fulfilling life with clear purpose, joy and authenticity?
  • Have you dreamed of a different lifestyle but are unsure of the next steps?
  • Do you long for the opportunity to enhance or transform your personal or professional world but are fearful of letting go?

If these reflective questions resonate with you and your current life chapter, you do have the power to profoundly change the next one and your entire story! You do have the power to detox your life, get crystal clear about a new chapter in a new story AND feel fully empowered to confidently move forward with a light and peaceful heart.

Let’s get you living the life you’ve dreamed of that IS within your reach! I offer flexible coaching packages designed to fit your individual goals.It is an honor to be allowed to walk beside my clients as we partner to manifest a new chapter for themselves. Change takes courage, an open heart and committed action, something an experienced coach can facilitate.

“Partnering with Kim was one of the best decisions, both personally and professionally, that I have ever made. I finally had reached a point where I felt I was living someone else’s life and was miserable. I was uninspired, bored, lonely but fearful of rocking the safety boat. My personal life affected my professional life and vice versa. I was drowning in regret, dread and a life lived in beige. I knew I was capable of more, but had no idea how to start. Kim offers a safe, non-judgmental and compassionate place to be completely vulnerable, remember the joyful self I used to be and open to possibilities without clinging to outcomes. With Kim’s skillful coaching, deep listening and patience, I’m proud to say I AM, WE are creating a life I thought was only possible for others. She never gives up on me and has loved me through the entire process, yet holds me accountable. She’s got my back.”
~ Lauren W. (current coaching client)

Since moving to Puerto Rico, I’m now able to offer onsite one-on-one immersion sessions in my home AND/OR on my beautiful sailboat, Pelican Pat! Yes, it’s pretty awesome sailing around the islands of the Caribbean on your private retreat! Amazingly healthy food, good wine, paddle boarding to a beach for yoga, meditation, snorkeling, diving, great tunes, alone time, reading, deep discussion, sunbathing or just hanging out watching the millions of stars. Leave renewed, inspired and confident, armed with an action plan AND ongoing support to ensure YOUR success in writing the life-changing chapter of your life story!

Contact me for a conversation to explore the coaching option that works best for you. E-mail me at kim@self-careacademy.com or call me at 303-909-7318.