Feeling Stuck?

In Newsletter by Kim Richards

As an experienced Life Coach, I’ve observed that the number one reason people seek my help, is they feel “stuck” in their life…personally stuck as well as professionally stuck. While they are willing to face the significant fear of change, they describe feeling unsure, unable and ambiguous of next steps. They worry of failure, ridicule and inadequacy while trying to fulfill the life, career or relationship they desire.

As we dive deeper into conversation regarding actions they may have taken to manifest their desires, it becomes apparent that several key elements usually have been ignored.

A clear vision and intention of what is desired: What does it look like and feel like? How will the new change impact their life?

What, if anything, are they seriously committed to let go of in order to get what they desire When their fist is clenched so tightly to things, people and places they are unwilling to let go of, there is no room for new possibilities, opportunities and situations that are likely to show up!

A clenched fist is indicative of a clenched mindset and works in opposition to their desires.

Have they written down their desires and are they reading them out loud several times a day? This is THE most important law of manifestation!

There is a powerful magic that occurs when one goes from just “thinking about” to actually writing down what is desired, in as much detail as possible! Some people like to use a specific manifestation journal, yet it doesn’t even have to be that fancy.

During a particularly difficult realization on a vacation in a previous relationship, I wrote EXACTLY how I wanted my life — in the present tense — including specific details and feelings on the back of a hotel receipt that had been slid under the door! I folded it up, put it in my purse and committed to reading it out loud twice a day.

After returning home, my life started to change, almost immediately, in ways I had only imagined… I had clearly written out the “whats” as if everything was CURRENTLY true, completely unaware of the “hows." I was willing to be wide open for opportunities and possibilities that supported the life and the relationship I desired. I still have that old, tattered receipt in my purse today to remind me of the power of manifestation in my life as well as my clients’ lives.

Start now

If you are experiencing inertia, fear or lack of clarity, simply start by writing down how you would like your ideal day to start. Here are some examples:

  • How would you like to wake up? How would you feel?
  • What would you do after waking up?
  • What would you like your surroundings to look like?
  • Would you like to be alone or with someone?
  • If with someone, what would that person be like? What attributes?

You get the gist…then next, then next, then next throughout your day. See yourself in that location, doing those things, with your desired relationship (or not!), eating a particular meal, engaging in a particular exercise, interacting with people you enjoy being around, animals you love, doing a job that you love, etc.

That’s how the magic of manifestation starts.
There’s no need to know the “how”, only the crystal clear vision of “what."

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