self-love valentines day

Do you want to meet the love of your life?

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self-love valentines day

“Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror.”
~ Byron Katie

Where were you last Valentine’s Day?

While I believe that “Valentine’s Day” perpetuates a day of commercialized expectation and consumerism whipped into a frenzy by companies like Hallmark, Jared and FTD Florist, the romantic in me appreciates acknowledgment, appreciation and loving sentiment. Yes, I am a firm believer in sharing these gifts each day, not just on February 14. The feelings of love, appreciation and belonging is vital to our well being.

Last year, my Valentine’s Day was spent with my life partner, sweetheart and soulmate…or so I thought. Even as I was being adorned with beautiful jewelry, a sweet card and a renewal of devotion on a Caribbean beach, his betrayal and secret life had already begun months prior. You may be wondering why I am telling you this? To offer you hope beyond deep hurt, life beyond heartbreak and love beyond loneliness.

As the twisted truth unfolded, my life collapsed into an unrecognizable version of what I thought was unbreakable. I was wrong. The devastation that occurred left me a numb, crumpled wreck, unsure of the next step, profoundly unsure of survival and of myself. My journey to reclaim my life and reinvent me, has been well, just that…a journey. (Book coming soon!)

This is what I have learned over and over and over
that I’d like to share with you:
YOU are worth BIG love.

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YOU are much more resilient than you could have ever imagined.
YOU have the ability to reinvent YOUR life
whenever YOU want to.

And you can survive and thrive through any life disaster or loss.

“Loving yourself…does not mean being self-absorbed or narcissistic, or disregarding others. Rather it means welcoming yourself as the most honored guest in your own heart, a guest worthy of respect, a lovable companion.”
~ Margo Anand

The key is to appreciate the immense value in loving yourself first. While some may think that’s just wu-wu fluff, I invite you to deeply self-reflect on the meaning of self-love and self-compassion. How are you honoring and nurturing the one life you have been given?

Feeling Stuck?

If you are stuck or at a crossroads in your own journey and feel that a Board Certified Nurse Coach could help guide, support and walk beside you, I encourage you to contact me.

Suffering, in many forms, may be a temporary part of life, but we don’t have to reside there permanently.

A vibrant, authentic and joyful life is YOURS FOR THE ASKING!

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“Kim Richards is a skillful career and life coach. Her vision gave me encouragement to move beyond the place I was stuck. Kim’s training and life experiences give her the unique ability to provide different perspectives, tools for success, and solutions to issues. I will continue to access her expertise as needed.”
~ MM

“Kim’s guidance and support allowed me to access my truth as to what I want my life to look like. I was able to move forward with confidence and enthusiasm to create a life that is in line with my heart’s desires. The work was mine to do, but Kim kept me on track and gave me the tools I needed to succeed. I was able to finally look forward, not back.”
~ DH

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