Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude

In Newsletter by Kim Richards

Like so many people, 2020 has created yet another life change for me. While I have thrived with change in the past, I recently have found myself more resistant to change. Perhaps it’s the profound uncertain and unprecedented global environment that has created a strong desire in my soul for a sense of stability or an anchorage that is steadfast. Yet, 2020 has a different idea and is offering anything but a sense of security!

As an experienced Life Coach, I was reminded of the saying, “The quality of your life is a function of the quality of questions you ask yourself.” Great life coaches know how to ask you the type of questions that evoke the kind of answers that elevate the quality of your life. I had asked myself the tough questions again and was holding myself accountable, even though it was heart breaking, full of disappointment and a lot of work.

I have had to dig deep into the resiliency bucket and adapt to a new set of circumstances full of unpredictability, variability and required adaptability. And, as always, the universe has my back and has propelled me into a new journey of discovery and adventure. I have learned to allow the unfolding of possibilities and have chosen to be grateful for the opportunities presented. Yes, I have had to actually chose to be grateful, let faith be my guide and completely refocus my energy and intention in a new direction.

My 62nd birthday was spent moving into a new space after driving my belongings 2250 miles across country. The three months leading up to the three day road trip had been a super charged emotional roller coaster full of self-doubt, grief, elation, sadness, fear, joy, confusion, anger, and an overwhelming feeling of utter failure. Yet, as I drove further away from my past and closer to my future, a sense of calm, new belonging and excitement filled my soul. I reminded myself that I had been through worse in my life and survived, and this too shall pass.

The three days were filled with endless highway, inspiring audible books, great music, loud off-key singing, welcomed silence, junk food and energy drinks, random tears, talking to myself and friends, and ultimately, a new attitude. I embraced it all and felt like I’d been at a Tony Robbins conference. Bring on the hot coal walking!

So, once again…

I chose to embrace the whirlwinds of uncertainty, the fear and all the feelings of suckiness that like to tag along when change occurs.

I chose to see this birthday as a gift of re birth, shedding of old limitations and expectations and now be incredibly grateful for the new opportunities that are there for the taking.

I have been profoundly blessed with truly amazing friends, new and “old”, the kind that love me through anything. And low and behold, through the power of my steadfast belief in an abundant universe, a fresh and inspiring path emerged…full of supportive, like-minded people, a solid plan, pumped up mojo and a big brass ring just waiting for me to grab.

With new found self-confidence and inspiration, I was able to shed the guilt, shame and anxiety associated with major life transition. But it’s almost impossible to do it alone…and why would you want to struggle alone?  It is possible to create a life you desire and see actual results, and you will develop a greater appreciation for life and those around you. Your positive energy will influence how you relate to your loved ones.

If my story resonates with you, and you are experiencing (or want) a significant life transition, please give me a call ?(303) 909-7318 or shoot me an email to see how I can support your journey.

My coaching approach is non-judgmental and compassionate with the key piece of accountability built into the process. Choosing to work with a life changing coach means that you are taking full responsibility of your life going forward, freeing up energy caught up in past disappointments, bitterness and resentments. I can help you identify blocks, challenges and opportunities to create the life you were born to live!

Kim Richards is a skillful career and life changing coach. Her deep listening and support for my life vision gave me encouragement to move beyond the place I was stuck. Kim’s training and life experiences give her the unique ability to ask the right questions, help remove the blocks, give me tools for success, and offer new possibilities. She held me accountable with compassion and kept me moving towards the life I dreamed of!
~ Marilyn M

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