Beyond Resilience: Pathways from Those Who are Thriving in 2022

In Newsletter by Kim Richards

Transforming, reimagining, pivoting, adaptability, embracing change…just a few of the mastered skills of those who have determined to rise above the uncertainty, confusion and unsettledness of the new world we now live in. For many, the stability and security we enjoyed, has been shattered. Our beliefs may have been challenged and our life purpose questioned like never before.

While difficult to process and uncomfortable to navigate, those who are currently thriving and not just surviving, have taken the deep dive into reflection, assessment and reimagining their lives in a different way. They have allowed themselves the gift of embracing change and adapting to a new perspective, full of opportunities and purposeful transformation.

  • What are the lessons learned?
  • Can you learn new life, “new world” skills, beyond simply expecting to “bounce back”?
  • Yes, you can, my friends!
So, if you’re ready to take new pathways to:
  • Boost your self-confidence, step into your power and purpose
  • Let go of your fears, old habits and self-limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Treat yourself as your own best friend, love yourself more and live abundantly
…Then let’s get started!

Give yourself and your caregiving team the gift of renewal, whole hearted wellness and push the much needed “reset” button with a deeper commitment to YOU!

Gratitude & Appreciation

My deepest gratitude and appreciation for the dedication, commitment and sacrifice to each of you during this unprecedented time. For many of you, there are no words to adequately express the selfless care you have provided, the sadness you have witnessed and the loss you have endured. I honor ALL you do EVERY day.

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