Burn brightly without burning out.

Kim Richards, RN, NC-BC

Speaker, Author, Resiliency Expert
Integrative Nurse Health Coach, Life Coach
Founder/Owner of Self-Care Academy® and its component NurseFit®

I believe that lasting change occurs when the mind connects with the heart. We each were called to the healthcare profession because we deeply care about making a difference in others lives. We have the opportunity to BE the example of good health, wholeness, and lead the charge for profound care in the future. Let’s use our influence by reflecting on our own self-care, walking our talk, and taking action to ensure we burn brightly without burning out.

Kim Richards

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  • Healing ourselves is pivotal to healing others.



Kim provides support and structure for clients who are interested in pursuing wellness, adjusting to and/or making life changes, navigating their health care, working with or preventing chronic disease, and dealing with a health and/or life challenge.

Each of us have within us all the resources to create change and motivation for oneself.


SCA workshops teach the “nuts and bolts” about building a personal self-care toolbox to enhance resilience, reduce stress and improve life satisfaction. The workshop sessions can be monthly, quarterly or as a  1-3 day retreat. As a follow up to the workshops, individuals or groups up to 10 can receive on-going health coaching to help keep on track as they improve upon their pathways to self-care.


Kim is an inspirational keynote speaker for local organizations and national conferences with topics like:

  • Manifesting your Dream Life by Reinventing your Purpose and Moving Beyond the Ordinary
  • Burning Brightly Without Burning Out
  • Creating a Resilient Culture
  • Pathways to Self-Harmony
  • Improving Teamwork and Morale Through Self-Care Practice
  • Empowering your Leadership Through Sustainable Self-Care Practice

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What people are saying

  • Kim Richards is a skillful career and life changing coach. Her deep listening and support for my life vision gave me encouragement to move beyond the place I was stuck. Kim's training and life experiences give her the unique ability to ask the right questions, help remove the blocks, give me tools for success, and offer new possibilities. She held me accountable with compassion and kept me moving towards the life I dreamed of!

    Marilyn M
  • You are a rock star! Your presentation was as amazing as we heard it would be!

    Maggie Hansen
    Senior Vice President & Chief Nurse Executive
    Memorial Healthcare System, Hollywood, FL
  • We were so pleased to have Kim Richards give such lively and intensely meaningful presentations on self care to groups of leaders and groups of bedside clinical nurses at our busy academic medical center. Her presentations were very well received. Having Kim was a wonderful way for our nursing executive team to show nursing staff that we care about their wellbeing. This message is so important in the current acute care environment where everyone is often feeling a high level of stress.

    Laurie Bloom, RN, MA
    Associate Chief Nurse
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • Kim’s Profound Power of Nurse Wellness presentation was one of the highest rated sessions of our conference. She engaged the audience by combining wellness information with self-reflection, laughter, and beauty. Truly a refreshing treat that forced hard-working nurses to focus on self! Thank-you Kim.

    Robin Schaeffer, MSN, RN, CAE
    Executive Director, Arizona Nurses Association
    ANA California
    ANA Idaho
  • In today’s rapidly changing health care environment there are many stressors for health care professionals. The need for nurse leaders to be highly engaged and onstage almost 24 hours per day leaves little time for self-care. However, self-care is very much needed to be resilient physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Kim’s Self-Care Academy helps nurse leaders build resiliency to meet challenging demands improving relationships, communication, and outcomes. Whether you are looking for a boost in the arm or a comprehensive program for your team, I encourage you to visit with Kim about how she can help you be more successful.

    2018 President, American Organization of Nurse Executives
    Senior Vice President, Chief Operating and Chief Nursing Officer
  • Kim Richards’ class, Build your Own Self-Care Tool Box Workshop, is sorely needed in the nursing profession where our innate nature as caregivers spills into all aspects of our lives, and may lead to compassion fatigue and/or burnout. This class is a wake-up call to all fellow nurses: Take care of yourself, and know yourself and your limits, and find balance in your lives. You cannot give 100% to all the roles you play when there is only a total of 100% to give!

    For many of us, our work is intertwined with our lives – it gives us meaning and purpose. Balance is something I personally strive for, and as Kim states, it is not a destination, but a journey – she is spot on!

    Patricia A. Patrician, PhD, RN, FAAN
  • Kim is an engaging presenter with a very positive message. She was well received by our employees who really appreciated the opportunity to focus on the issue of self-care.

    Michele Haugh, MS
    Worksite Wellness Coordinator
    Tri-County Health Department
  • Kim quickly and easily connected with the participants at our conference and wowed us all! She expertly translated evidenced based research on self-care and resiliency to practical ideas we could start doing today.

    Karen W.
    participant in self-care workshop
  • Kim shares her expertise and knowledge of self-care in a delightful, refreshing way that encourages and motivates the spirit.

    Dana Hardegree, RN, BSN
    Hendrick Medical Center

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